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Qatar Police شرطة قطر | Qatar State Security Bureau | Police in Qatar

Qatar Police شرطة قطر | Qatar Police Department | Qatar State Security Bureau | Police in Qatar | Qatar Police News| About Qatar Police and Qatar Police Official Website.


Qatar Police شرطة قطر | About Qatar Police

شرطة قطر:- Qatar Police Department is one of the most powerful police department in the world. Law implementation or Police in Qatar goes under the control of the Ministry of Interior of Qatar, which oversees the different law authorization offices of Qatar. The two ladies and men can be admitted to law implementation organizations in the nation, if they go to a police institute before being conceded

شرطة قطر Qatar Police Department | Police in Qatar

Here few Qatar Police department name provided by JobsVacancyNews.Com. That will be help you to know about Qatar Police agencies in Qatar.

MOI Qatar – شرطة قطر Police Sports Federation

شرطة قطر Qatar Police Sports Federation sorted out a few games exercises for the staff and representatives of the Ministry of Interior at Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium in Qatar Sport Club in nearness of senior officials.

Uncommon exercises were held for individuals with exceptional necessities as a feature of the program hung on the event of National Sport Day.

Rescue Police Department, or Al-Fazaa

The Rescue Police Department, or Al-Fazaa, was set up in March 2009 by the Decree of Minister of State for Interior Affairs No. (13) of 2009. It is answerable for the association and game plan of police watches through all areas of the Capital and the territory of capability of the Al-Rayyan Security Department, giving favorable to dynamic police administrations to forestall wrongdoing before it happens, reacting to crisis calls from the general population and for offering help and help to the entirety of the Ministry’s specializations

شرطة قطر Airport Security Department

The Airport Security Department and Airport Passports Department is totally dedicated to secure the Airport system in Qatar. Is is a government organization and part of Qatar Police.


شرطة قطر Qatar State Security Bureau

Title : Qatar State Security Bureau
Link :جهاز_أمن_دولة_قطر
Select a choice : Ministries and other Governmental Bodies
Featured : No

MOI Qatar – Juvenile Police Department

In 1989 the Juvenile Police Department was set up as an independent division by the Minister of Interior as per Article 5 of the Juveniles Act and is under the transmit of the General Directorate of Public Safety.[11] The office got its command from the Juveniles Act, which characterizes the office’s obligations and duties.

  • Its essential duties under the Act are as per the following. Research adolescent cases and hold deadbeats to sentence them as per the law;
  • to offer guidance looking into it of a youngster who has just been condemned in an offense, by one of the measures accommodated in the Juvenile Act;
  • going to the preliminary meetings of adolescents and making an execution document for each case, given all procedures concerning the adolescent or court to which the case is anticipating;
  • submit demands for discharge under state of adolescent deadbeats condemned to detainment dependent on reports arranged by the Social Preparation Center as per the law; and some other errands appointed to it.
  • The office holds the ability to keep deadbeats for a period not surpassing 48 hours if “conditions interest for it”, yet a court may arrange for an expansion to that period

About Qatar Police and Qatar Police Official Website

The Qatar police organization framed in the State of Qatar was the ‘Order Police’ in 1949. This organization started its obligations in 1949 at Doha Police Section which was situated in the focal point of Souq Waqif.

The elements of this segment comprised of giving security and assurance to residents, keeping up discipline by moving watches, doing the strategic lasting gatekeepers at crucial zones in the capital and arranging traffic development.

It additionally did all other police related obligations, for example, leading examinations on criminal and traffic cases and alluding the charged to the courts. Because of broad fights which broke out in Qatar in 1956, at that point emir Ali Al Thani started intensely putting resources into the police power. Therefore, another police central station was worked during the 1950s.

Qatar Police Official Website is:-

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