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MOI Qatar | :- Ministry of Interior Qatar. MOI Qatar is an important organization in State of Qatar. You can know here Ministry of Interior Qatar.

MOI Qatar | Ministry of Interior Qatar

Ministry of Interior Qatar:- The leaders of the State of Qatar gave high need for the mission of accomplishing open security and harmony since the cutting edge State of Qatar was set up.

The development of MOI Qatar police office ensured upkeep of order and security, insurance of lives and distinction of individuals and open and private properties too.

The principal police office framed in the State of Qatar was “Order Police” in 10/9/1949. MOI Qatar office started its obligations in 1949 at ” Doha Police Section” which was situated in the focal point of “Souq Waqif “.

The elements of MOI Qatar segment contained giving security and insurance to residents, keeping up discipline by moving watches, doing the crucial changeless MOI Qatar monitors at fundamental regions in the capital and sorting out traffic development. MOI Qatar additionally completed all other police related obligations like follow up of crooks, leading examinations on criminal and traffic cases and alluding the blamed to the courts notwithstanding expelling the suspects on the off chance that they merit it.

About Ministry of Interior MOI Qatar 

The Ministry of Interior Qatar was come in rule in 1970 as per the declaration No. (5) for the year 1970 specifying the elements of the services and other government associations in the nation.

Service of Interior (MOI Qatar) proceeded since that time its capacities and missions giving harmony and security and sorting out police powers ensuring the insurance of public security and keeping up wellbeing and security of nationals and exiles also alongside taking all fundamental measures to forestall the happenings of wrongdoings and revealing the insider facts of carried out violations notwithstanding dealing with ethnicity related undertakings, giving travel records, arranging ostracizes section to the nation and their habitation and sorting out the jail.

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) Qatar since that time has been contributing decisive and constant endeavors through which it could to make a competent and progressed security organization that demonstrated its capacity in bearing the devotion, accomplishing wanted security and assurance of the general public.

Establishment of MOI Qatar

Convoying with the advancements saw by the State of Qatar under the promising initiative of Emir H.H. Sheik Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani and Father Emir H.H. Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, The job of Ministry of Interior Qatar and its specializations is getting greater in the field of keeping up security and soundness to meet with the prerequisites of thorough renaissance and advancement in the nation.

Inside a limited ability to focus time, The Ministry of Interior Qatar has achieved numerous accomplishments and triumphs because of its turn of events and modernization arranging that rely upon giving specialized and HR needs through appropriate gracefully of gadgets and supplies and broadening the extent of delivered administrations for the general population as indicated by the innovative security vital plans that involve necessities of the present and the future, working with the soul of participation and activities and initiating network association between police offices and network individuals possibly it is spoken to by individual or associations or foundations so as to understand the idea of joint duty in giving greater security, wellbeing and soundness for the general public.

MOI Qatar | Functions

As per the Emiri Decree 16/2014 on doling out capacities and obligations of the Ministries in the nation, the Ministry of the Interior has the accompanying general obligations and capacities:

1. Propose approaches, plans and projects identifying with the elements of the service and its execution after appropriation.

2. Regulating the its members, as dictated by the authoritative instruments arranging these specialists.

3. Actualizing the laws, guidelines and pronouncements identifying with the elements of the service.

4. In general management of the general population and private elements that participate in exercises identified with the elements of the service, and issuance of the essential licenses, as per the law.

5. Quality control in execution of exercises identified with the elements of the service.

6. Creating relations between the nation and different nations and universal associations in the field of elements of the service, and venturing into agreements and understandings, in a joint effort with the skillful specialists.

7. Gather, study and examination of data and information concerning the movement of the service, and show the advantage from them in the arranging and usage of projects and strategies identifying with its capacities.

8. Planning of draft authoritative instruments identifying with the elements of the service.

9. Speaking to the Country at Arab, territorial and global gatherings, bodies, associations in the field of Ministry’s capacities.

10. Planning insights on identified with the elements of the Ministry and distributing it in a joint effort with the able specialists.

11. Planning yearly financial plan of the Ministry and its last record.

According to the proviso (3) of a similar Decree, the exceptional elements of the Ministry are as per the following

The Ministry of Interior is worried to keep up security and open request and open ethics, to ensure lives, honor and properties to guarantee the wellbeing and security of the country, residents and every one of the individuals who dwell in the State or enter its region, to take all vital way to forestall violations and to control them, to compose issues of identity and section and living arrangement of ostracizes, and to make sure about and secure significant open structures and offices in the state.

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The Strategy of the Ministry of Interior | MOI QATAR

The Ministry of Interior through its obligations and capacities tries the network and the state to be honored with dependability and prosperity. Hence, it is quick to set up its technique that mirror a profound comprehension of the security difficulties and dangers and approaches to counter its belongings, and the reception of the powerful way to defeat them.

These difficulties comprises of the inner difficulties, from inside the service condition, and outside difficulties, and simultaneously, these difficulties draws out a few dangers, immediate or circuitous, obvious or covered up, focusing on the security and steadiness of the State of Qatar.

The key vision, crucial its backbones typified in the four columns, all plan to distinguish the approaches to defy those difficulties and dangers to guarantee assurance of the security and soundness of the State of Qatar.

Strategy Theme

Outstanding Performance – Active Participation  – Permanent Security

Achieve the maximum degree of security and stability under the rule of law.


Establishment of security and safety in the country, through the security performance with a high degree of efficiency and professionalism, in the framework of a true partnership with the community.

Sources of the Strategy 
The Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar
Qatar Vision 2030
Military Service Law No. 31/2006, Emiri Decree No. 16/2009
Other Laws and Legislative Tools
Arabic and Islamic Culture and Heritage
Authentic Qatari Norms and Traditions
Understand the elements of security and stability and ways of strengthening them.
Comprehend the challenges and threats faced by the State of Qatar.

Pillars of the Strategy
Public Security
Relationship with the Community
Human Resources
Material Resources and Technological Development.


MOI Qatar General Directorates

  • IconOffice of the Minister of Interior
  • IconGeneral Directorate of Public Security
    • Capital Security Department
    • Rayyan Security Department
    • North Security Department
    • South Security Department
    • Dukhan Security Department
    • Juvenile Police Department
    • Verdict Execution Department
    • Community Policing Department
    • Airport Security Department
    • Rescue Police Department (Al-Fazaa)
    • Establishments and Authorities Security Department
    • Penal & Correctional Institutions Department
  • Traffic DepartmentGeneral Directorate of Traffic
    • Traffic Patrols and Investigation Department
    • Licensing Affairs Department
    • Traffic Engineering and Safety Department
    • Traffic Information and Awareness Department
    • Admin & Finance Affairs Department
  • IconGeneral Directorate of Passports
    • Expatriates Affairs Department
    • Search and Follow up Department
    • Border Passports Department
    • Unified Services Department
    • Administrative Affairs Department
    • Airport Passports Department
  • IconGeneral Directorate of Criminal Investigation
    • Criminal Investigation Department
    • Criminal Evidences and Information Department
    • Forensic Lab Department
    • Administration Affairs Department
  • IconDrug Enforcement Department
  • IconGeneral Directorate of Civil Defence
    • Logistics Department
    • Prevention Department
    • Operations Department
    • Administrative Affairs Department
  • IconGeneral Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security
    • Southern Region Department
    • Northern Region Department
    • Eastern Region Department
    • Western Region Department
    • Operation Department
    • Technical Services Department
    • Logistics Department
    • Training & Qualification Department
    • Admin Affairs Department
  • IconGeneral Directorate of Logistics and Supply
    • Building Affairs Department
    • Workshops and Transport Department
    • Public Warehouses Department
    • Procurement Department
    • Police Printing Presses Department
    • Administrative Affairs Department
  • IconGeneral Directorate of Information Systems
    • Information Systems Department
    • Information Security Department
    • Security Systems Department
    • Technical Affairs Department
    • Admin Affairs Department

MOI Qatar Central Directorates

  • IconArab and International Police Communication Department
  • IconInternational Cooperation Department
  • IconControl and Inspection Department
  • IconPlanning and Quality Department
  • IconFinancial Affairs Department
  • IconPublic Relations Department
  • IconNationality and Travel Documents Department
  • IconCommunications Department
  • IconPreventive Security Department
  • IconHuman Resources Department
  • IconMedical Services Department
  • IconPolice Training Institute
  • IconPolice Sports Federation
  • IconHuman Rights Department
  • IconElections Department
  • IconLegal Affairs Department Affairs

MOI Qatar Committees

  • IconPermanent Committee for Emergency
  • IconNational Traffic Safety Committee
  • IconPermanent Committee for the Management of Abu Samra Border Port

MOI Qatar Centers

  • CentersNational Command Centre (NCC)
  • CentersCentre for Strategic Security Studies
  • CentersForensic Centre

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